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Great Lakes Aviation Services was founded on our experiences gained over the last 23 years working in avionics and maintenance fields in both the General Aviation and US Government/Law Enforcement communities. We incorporated GLAS  with the desire to provide the mid-west region with qualified and knowledgeable avionics technicians and A&P/IA mechanics who understand the unique mission equipment used by military, government, and law enforcement aviators. Our technicians have a long working relationship with manufacturers like FLIR, Wescam, Churchill, Macro Blue, Aerocomputers, Troll, BMS, Avalex, Garmin, Avidyne and many others.

Great Lakes Aviation Services is owned and operated by David Garijo and Ryan Stechow. We are FAA-certified maintenance and avionics technicians with A&P, IA, and FCC certifications. The partnership was formed in 2013 due to a shortage in airborne law enforcement electronic surveillance and communication equipment installation and support. Because of our unique training and prior personal job histories, we’ve developed the necessary skills to service law enforcement aircraft and their mission equipment across the country. We also offer full cockpit avionics sales and installations as well as a complete range of fixed-wing and rotorcraft general maintenance services for not only the law enforcement community but for the General Aviation community at large.

GLAS believes that the highest quality aircraft maintenance services should be available to anyone requiring them without the need to compromise. We believe that there should never be a compromise when it comes to personal safety. 

David Garijo began his aviation career by receiving his Private Pilot License locally, right here at KPHN airport in Marysville in 1997. In ‘98, he began working as a full-time avionics technician at that same airport. Since 1998, David has received his Airframe and Powerplant rating from the FAA as well as his General Radiotelephone Operators License from the FCC and has been working full time as an avionics technician and Airframe and Powerplant mechanic ever since. David is well versed in aviation and highly skilled in his trade. He understands the aviation market and the community as a whole as he’s been a part of it for 23 years. David has operated Great Lakes Aviation Services since its inception in 2008 as a side business and has managed its growth from a borrowed hangar to acquiring the machines and equipment to work on a greater number and wider variety of piston and jet aircraft and helicopters to where GLAS is today, in their new permanent home and continue providing quality aircraft maintenance.

Ryan Stechow received his formal aviation schooling and initial FAA Airframe and Powerplant certifications at Benjamin Davis Jr. Aerospace school in 2001. He has been employed as an aviation mechanic non-stop since 2001. In 2003 he studied and received his FAA Inspection Authorization certification that allows Ryan to inspect aircraft and return them to service as airworthy. Ryan has 20 years of maintenance experience on a huge range of fixed wing aircraft as well as rotorcraft of all types. As with David, Ryan has spent the last 13 years perfecting his trade while working within the ever-stringent and exacting US Customs and Border Protection Air and Marine Maintenance environment, giving Ryan a range of experience and higher standards that are second to none.

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